Server room/rack changes

As you may know, we recently started getting the servers ready to move to the server rack. They are in the server rack as of yesterday, with plenty of issues of course.

What went wrong yesterday

So, the first issue I ran into was not having a switch. A network switch would allow me to plug all of my servers in and just have one WAN so the servers can freely communicate behind the firewall, but I didn't, so I had to improvise by bridging ports on the back of the firewall but this still is causing some weird issues mi not really sure how to fix. This will continue until the 24 port switch we ordered arrives, at that point all will be well.

The second problem that started was with the hypervisor (the machine that hosts my virtual environments like the firewall), it began having issues of its own, also to do with not having a switch like it did previously. This took all of 15 minutes to solve.

The next problem to occur is with one of my nodes that hosts game servers, specifically Galaxy, this one is being blocked by that bridge some how even though I did configure the firewall to allow it. This will be fixed with the switch as well.

What went right yesterday

For starters the servers all fired up without much issue along with setting up a terminal for me to interface with the servers if need be, this all helped solve the aforementioned things that went wrong.

The servers are all online along with the websites as well, so it honestly went smoothly to not have the much needed switch.

This is the switch we ordered

we also have another server on its way, Dell R710 as well.

These things should arrive within the next week, or so.