Personal | Dream PC Idea

Personal | Dream PC Idea
Photo by Caspar Camille Rubin / Unsplash

Earlier I was watching a video posted by "SomeOrdinaryGamers" AKA Mutahar, titled Why I'm Quitting The Virtual Machine Stuff... and in this video he is talking about the trash heap windows is and once he brought up the updates I had to use the restroom. While pondering on the toilet (as many do) I began to imagine what my own rig would look like if money wasn't an issue.

First lets go over the equipment:


  • WorkStation
  • Ryzen CPU (16+ Cores)
  • GPU > RX 580
  • 32gb or more RAM
  • Secondary GPU > GTX750
  • Setup
  • 5 Monitors, 3 1080 or better
  • maybe a KVM switch or multiple peripherals?

The workstation is the key thing, I will explain my reasoning behind each component of my station and why I think it is necessary.


As you may guess the CPU is a vital component and I would need something capable of handling more than one Environment at a time. I plan to be able to game on windows whilst having a Youtube video on an ubuntu environment and terminal of a Hypervisor (likely Proxmox) without any issue. 32+ threads would be plenty for those needs since I do similar with less already.


The first GPU would need to be better than an RX 580 because I already run one now, so upgrading would only mean to get something better!

The second GPU on the other hand wont be for say a windows daily driver or anything but say the ubuntu VM or hypervisor. I would like to get an NVidia GPU that is compatible with the enterprise driver to allow splitting of said GPU. Say a 1070 or 9xx series, so I can run multiple machines on that GPU allowing full access to the main GPU to my windows VM


I would need 32gb of ram or higher for obvious reasons, 16gb is automatically the minimum for my windows VM, the other 16 will be split in other ways. For instance the hypervisor needs some ram, ubuntu VM would and anything else I decide to run.


I will start off by saying, yes 5 monitors seems quite overkill indeed but I feel I would utilize them. To start I would want 3 monitors, at least 1080p HD or better for my daily VM, this is solely for the purpose of me having a normal windows or gamer experience. The other screens will be used for the ubuntu VM on one and the hypervisor (or anything else I decide to do) on the other.


I am not certain how I would handle my peripherals currently, my thinking is that a KVM switch to switch ports on the fly would be easy but maybe there is a better way of doing so.


In short I would want a bit of an overkill system to perform more tasks than an average user would. Of course I only mentioned leisurely activities but I do plan on doing work and learning new things having a bit of OP hardware. You may know already that I already have a setup I learn and work on though, 3 Dell R710 Systems and a T310 system which all keep my utilitarian side happy!