Our Hardware

So, you may be wondering what we have running in our server rack currently, you just found the right place to learn!

We currently have 3 physical servers, Galaxy, Aurora, and Tyrion.

Photo by Taylor Vick / Unsplash


Galaxy is a Dell R710 2U server, featuring 2 Xeon X5550 CPUs and 16gb of ram.

This server is perhaps the most vital server to our operation, it currently hosts our Firewall, DNS server, CCTV system, the Main website, and a node for game servers.

This server was named Galaxy because it connects everything together along with hosting a majority of our mission critical services


Aurora is a Dell R710 2U server, featuring 2 Xeon X5550 CPUs, 16gb of ram and a GTX 750ti

This server runs most of our game servers, Pterodactyl panel (for game server hosting), Windows Remote Gaming VM, and a VPN server for access to certain utilities when away.

This server really wasn't named for any particular reason, its primary purpose is game hosting.


Tyrion is a Dell T310, Featuring 1 Xeon X3430, and 4gb of ram

This server hosts storage for all of our services, along with this blog page!

Tyrion was our first server, bought 1 year prior to our others. It basically sparked my drive to create these projects and expand, without the purchase of Tyrion which originally ran windows 7 and hosted Minecraft servers with Multicraft, I wouldn't have had that experience of being a "sys admin" and may not have gotten to the point I'm at today.

We plan to get another R710 or something similar in the future. Yes, if it isn't clear already, this is considered pretty modest hardware along with being pretty old. All of the hardware has nearly a 100% uptime and performs great! Sure, it would help a lot for us to have more Ram but for now its fine as is. I guess you may wonder why we don't leave the work to say, google or another provider to provide the hardware, and at the end of the day I prefer to host everything myself, to learn how to troubleshoot and experience a scaled down version of what system administrators do on a regular basis, along with being able to say I did this, this is MINE, if google or amazon go down, my site stays up regardless. Not everyone can say that, and it makes me proud of myself

That's the gist of it, our 3 small but reliable servers keep everything running, when something goes wrong I'm right there trying to fix the problem as fast as I can.