August 3rd, 2021 Server Downtime

This announcement will be updated with the estimated time that our servers will be down later today.

Downtime EST Time Zone

beginning: 5PM

End:  5:45PM (estimated 45 minutes of downtime)

UPDATE 8/3/21 - 3:40PM EST

We have 2 pieces of equipment to arrive before we begin, another server and an unmanaged gigabit switch. Times have also been calculated and will be accurate to the situation. 45 minutes of downtime should be all I need to get everything done.

UPDATE 8/3/21 - 1:40PM EST

The reason for our downtime has actually changed as of this time, moving the servers has been put off to another time (will confirm 100% next time). But I did screw up my server panel so I will have to initiate a restore to get control back over the servers, Gmod and Minecraft servers will be affected (including IGSA). This was in preparation of a staff login page but I did mess some stuff up. Next test I will simply use a clone to do testing on like most people do. Sorry for the inconvenience, things will calm down once my sites are more setup and the servers are where they were meant to be.

Our servers will be offline today because we are moving them to our rack.

why weren't they in the rack?

There are a few reasons for this

  1. Our server rack was too close to a wall due to the increased size of our newer servers.
  2. Our previous configuration didnt have a proper terminal for the initial setup of the servers.
  3. The server rack is in a building that needed some rearrangements and better cooling to be adequate for these newer servers.

I will also provide an updated image of our rack, it is only a two post rack so we had to get creative with our mounting, but everything should go well.